HydroGreen's feed tech revolutionizes dairy with a major sale to Italy's Cirio Agricola, signaling transformative change.
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HydroGreen’s Revolutionary Feed Solution Takes Center Stage

In the ever-evolving landscape of agricultural technology, the marriage of innovation and sustainability has become a pivotal driver for change. One company at the forefront of this transformation is CubicFarm® Systems Corp., a leading agricultural technology firm. Through its subsidiary, HydroGreen Inc., CubicFarms is revolutionizing dairy farming by introducing cutting-edge solutions that reshape how livestock feed is produced and consumed.

In a significant stride towards this goal, HydroGreen recently announced a noteworthy accomplishment – closing a sale with Cirio Agricola S.r.l., a prestigious dairy farm in Piana di Monte Verna, Italy. Cirio Agricola is one of Italy’s top milk producers, renowned for its technological advancements and commitment to sustainable milk production.

HydroGreen’s state-of-the-art GLS 808 machines – an integral part of their Automated Vertical Pastures™ system – will be incorporated into Cirio Agricola’s operations through this deal. This dairy giant will deploy six innovative machines, forming one GLS “system.” These machines can generate over 34,000 pounds of feed per day, a production volume that Cirio Agricola plans to integrate into the diets of more than 750 dairy cows, representing an impressive 18% of their entire herd.

HydroGreen’s Automated Vertical Pastures™ are poised to transform how dairy farmers approach feed production. The GLS system’s ability to cultivate nutrient-rich livestock feed year-round, regardless of external conditions, is a game-changer for the dairy industry. By harnessing controlled growing environments and intelligent automation, HydroGreen achieves consistent feed quality without being limited by seasonality or external climate factors.

John de Jonge, President of HydroGreen, emphasizes the substantial benefits of this technology. He notes that the HydroGreen solution has the potential to significantly enhance milk production, bolster regional food security, and reduce the environmental footprint associated with agriculture. The prospect of such a multi-faceted solution has captured the attention of progressive dairy markets, aligning with a global shift towards sustainable practices.

HydroGreen’s strategic move towards integration into the European market underscores the compatibility of their solutions with regions where subsidies incentivize investments in advanced farming equipment. The European market’s emphasis on sustainability and ecological responsibility aligns seamlessly with HydroGreen’s mission, making it an attractive prospect for the company and its partners.

HydroGreen’s international focus extends beyond Europe. They have unveiled plans to construct feed hub facilities in the U.S., starting with a facility in Riverdale, California. This endeavor aligns with the company’s vision of supplying equipment and fostering an ecosystem that supports sustainable farming practices and feeds into the larger narrative of addressing global food security challenges.

Cirio Agricola’s decision to partner with HydroGreen indicates a broader movement within the agriculture sector that champions collaboration and innovation as the driving forces for change. This partnership showcases how established industry players embrace novel technologies to fortify their operations, enhance their sustainability efforts, and contribute to global food security.

HydroGreen’s landmark sale to Cirio Agricola S.r.l. stands as a testament to the power of innovation in transforming traditional industries. Through their Automated Vertical Pastures™, HydroGreen has introduced a disruptive technology that redefines how livestock feed is produced, consumed, and integrated into sustainable agricultural practices. This pioneering approach benefits dairy farms’ bottom lines and contributes to broader global goals of resource efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and enhanced food security. As HydroGreen continues to forge partnerships and expand its influence, its journey holds the promise of reshaping agriculture for a more sustainable future.

Image provided by HydroGreen Inc.

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