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Indigo Ag News: Assists In Reducing Scope 3 Emissions

Indigo Ag Ink Distribution Deal

Indigo Ag Enables Consumer Goods Companies To Reduce Scope 3 Emissions

Indigo Ag, a leading partner in agricultural sustainability, is utilizing its unique measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) capabilities to assist consumer goods corporations in assessing and minimizing their Scope 3 emissions and water usage within their agricultural supply chains.

With its innovative Market+ Source (Scope 3) program, Indigo links consumer goods companies with sustainably produced crops already in their supply chains. In addition, the firm collaborates with agricultural businesses to facilitate farmers’ transition to more sustainable practices, with the outcomes quantified using Indigo’s MRV resources. This strategy has proven fruitful, enabling Indigo to partner with several billion-dollar firms over the past few seasons, delivering more than 10 million bushels of sustainably farmed grains. These efforts have saved nearly 15,000 metric tons of emissions and conserved 6.6 billion gallons of water, sufficient to support 13 million people annually. Additionally, another 13 million bushels are slated for delivery in 2024. Notably, Indigo has achieved farmer premiums of up to 10% for sustainably grown crops with minimal impact on finished goods prices.

Working with VF Corporation brands, including The North Face, Indigo’s MRV capabilities have facilitated the delivery of over 31,000 bales of sustainably grown cotton. Carol Shu, Senior Manager of Global Sustainability for The North Face, lauded the potential of regenerative agriculture-sourced materials to shift the industry toward replenishing natural resources.

Ron Hovsepian, President and CEO of Indigo Ag, expressed his excitement over their success in linking sustainability claims to the physical delivery of grain and cotton. He anticipates an expanding role for Indigo in helping corporations meet their Scope 3 targets, especially with the finalized guidance on Forest, Land, and Agriculture from the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and the forthcoming guidance on the land sector and removals from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Indigo Ag Inc’s proprietary MRV system uses the highest scientific standards to calculate environmental benefits for companies participating in the Market+ Source program. The program, currently encompassing corn, wheat, rice, and cotton, is set to expand to additional crops in 2024.

Announces Completion Of Second Carbon Crop (2023/02/24)

Indigo Ag Inc, a leading agtech company, has announced the completion of its second carbon crop, which generated over 110,000 agricultural carbon credits. These credits were produced by around 430 farmers from 22 US states who participated in Indigo’s Carbon by Indigo program. The program offers economic incentives to farmers who adopt sustainable farming practices that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil health.

Indigo Ag & ISAOSA Ink Distribution Deal (2023/01/06)

Indigo Ag and ISAOSA will bring Indigo’s microbial technology, which has been shown to increase corn crop yields, to Mexican corn growers for the first time. ISAOSA will be the exclusive distributor for Indigo 30 in Mexico and will add the product to its fertilizer portfolio. The companies have conducted trials over the past two years that have demonstrated significant yield improvements through the combination of Indigo 30 with existing ISAOSA products. Commercial launch is planned for the first half of 2024 following the completion of the registration process.

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