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Indigo Ag Publishes Peer-Reviewed Research in Geoderma

Indigo Ag Publishes Peer-Reviewed Research in Geoderma. Agriculture; Soil Carbon

Key Takeaways

  • Peer-Reviewed Validation: Indigo Ag’s research in Geoderma validates its DayCent-CR model for greenhouse gas accounting.
  • Industry Leadership: Indigo is the first company to meet the strict requirements of the Climate Action Reserve Soil Enrichment Protocol.
  • Carbon Credits: Indigo has seen a significant increase in carbon credits generated and payments to farmers.
  • Quality Assurance: Indigo’s verification process ensures the quality of carbon credits, aiding corporations in achieving net-zero commitments.
  • Scientific Rigor: The company’s commitment to scientific rigor sets it apart, ensuring accurate and unbiased soil carbon measurement.

Indigo Ag, a pioneer in sustainable agriculture, announced the publication of a peer-reviewed research article in the international soil science journal Geoderma. The article, authored by Indigo’s team of scientific experts, validates using the DayCent-CR model for quantifying environmental benefits from sustainable farming practices.

Setting Industry Standards

Indigo is the first and only company in the sustainable agriculture sector to gain approval under the strict requirements of the Climate Action Reserve Soil Enrichment Protocol. The peer-reviewed article underscores Indigo’s commitment to scientific rigor and transparency.

A Word from the VP

A.J. Kumar, Indigo’s Vice President of Sustainability Sciences, emphasized that the paper confirms their soil carbon model meets the most stringent requirements for greenhouse gas accounting. “This is incredibly important to our customers, farmers, and agribusiness partners,” Kumar said.

Impact on Climate-Smart Agriculture

Indigo has seen a 5x increase in carbon credits generated and a 200% increase in payments to farmers since its first carbon harvest in June 2022. The company is currently undergoing its unprecedented third harvest.

Financial Benefits for Farmers

Farmers across 22 states have received nearly $5 million in payments for their carbon credit production due to adopting sustainable practices.

Verification and Quality Assurance

Indigo uses a hybrid approach for verification, combining direct measurement and modeling. Through the Climate Action Reserve, the quality of these credits is verified, helping corporations meet their net-zero commitments.

Scientific Rigor

Indigo’s DayCent-CR model meets the rigorous standards of soil carbon measurement outlined by the Climate Action Reserve. The model is validated for 14 combinations of specific crops and practice changes, allowing for future adaptability.

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