Intelligent Responses in Regenerative Agriculture

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By rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring damaged soil biodiversity, “regenerative agriculture” refers to farming and grazing systems that, among other advantages, reverse climate change. This results in both carbon drawdown and an improved water cycle. There are different solutions that can be provided in order to reach these goals and provides potential paths to achieving net zero targets set by various countries throughout the world.

Host Dan Cloutier, Director of Regenerative Agriculture with Agrihub takes you through a 7-part video series exploring what is regenerative agriculture and systems that contribute to achieving what we need to as we are pushed to achieve net zero and other sustainability targets. Part 2 is a look at vertical growing opportunity and options, part 3 and 4 is passive solar heating and cooling opportunities for barns, part 5 explores opportunities with cogeneration to quad generation, part 6 explores biogas intelligent responses, and part 7 is biodiesel.

Here are the key topics covered in part one:

  • a) Achieving permaculture and technological energy efficiency advancement 6:28
  • b) On profitable energy efficiency and regenerative agriculture in barns and buildings 14:45
  • c) Establishing a regenerative farm matrix 17:24
  • d) What makes up a Net Zero Home or Commercial Building 20:25
  • e) Intelligent response options for regenerative agriculture 27:25
  • f) Embodied building energy considerations and the green revolution 33:26
  • g) A profitable integrated regenerative agriculture process scenario 38:31
  • h) Regenerative and sustainable closed loop advantages 42:54

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