Introducing Cumulus 2023, An Ecosystem Event Focused on the Future of Food

Cumulus a connectiv event

Connectiv, a highly-successful events incubator, announces the launch of Cumulus, a three-day event (April 17-19, 2023) that will gather the entire ecosystem of innovators, investors and industry leaders that are changing the future of food. Focused on technology trends from seed or cell downstream to restaurant or retail, Cumulus will offer three days of learning, collaboration, and world-class networking opportunities at The Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas.

Food ingredients, food production, food delivery, even food sales are in the midst of massive change and innovation, and there’s no place in the world that isn’t touched by the transformation. The opportunity is enormous. The need for innovation is pressing. And, Cumulus will be the place that gathers the smartest minds from across the industry and the globe.

“Cumulus will bring all aspects of the industry together at a time when collaboration, innovation, and education are crucial for the industry, and the world,” said Rebecca Sausner, co-founder and general manager of Cumulus. “Cumulus exists to catalyze the global food industry by bringing together a never-before assembled group and helping them meet each other.”

More than 50 thoughtful, and thought-leading, executives from a wide-range of startups, investors and industry executives have already committed to participate at the event, including founders or C-level executives from ground-breaking startups like Babylon Microfarms, Smallhold, Monarch, Kea, Gelatex, FarmWise, TurtleTree and Lettuce Grow, among many more.

“We are thrilled to be developing such an engaging agenda,” said Avi Mallinger, vice president of content at Cumulus. “This is a unique opportunity to forge cross-sector conversation and collaboration across previously siloed parts of the food ecosystem.”

From the venture capital community, investors from Astanor, Bain Capital Ventures, Syngenta Group Ventures, Planet Fund, Bread & Butter Ventures, Bloom8 and many more will be on the agenda or at the event.

Industry experts from L.E.K. Consulting, Agritecture, the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology, Boston Consulting Group and more will contribute their thought leadership.

For a full list of participants please visit: Those interested in participating as speakers should contact Avi Mallinger at Sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Adam Schaffer at

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