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To speed up innovation in the developing markets for smart farming, IOTech, a leading-edge software provider, established cooperation with LATERAL Systems LLC. Smart regenerative agricultural solutions will be made possible by combining the Industrial IoT solution with the edge software platform from IOTech. By assisting in the widespread adoption of cutting-edge agricultural techniques like aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics, this platform will combat climate change.

Cooperation between IOTech and LLC was launched in order to spur innovation in the emerging smart agricultural sectors. The Industrial IoT solution from LATERAL and the edge software platform from IOTech will improve data collection, processing, and administration from edge sensors used to allow intelligent regenerative agricultural solutions.

According to Ed Lisle, President/CTO of, “Our partnership with IOTech presents a substantial opportunity to expedite the digital revolution occurring within the agricultural and agribusiness industries.” “The platform solution from LATERAL and IOTech’s edge software gives our clients additional capabilities to monitor their growing conditions, increase crop yields, and use fewer resources during the growth cycle.”

By offering farmers rich data insights that allow food safety, ideal crop quality, and greater yields, LATERAL is implementing novel edge platform solutions leveraging AI-driven predictive analytics in support of regenerative agriculture. Through the effective implementation of innovative farming techniques like aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics that use less water, energy, and waste, this platform will combat climate change. Edge Xrt, Edge Xpert, and Edge Builder are edge software solutions from IOTech that are created to maximize openness, usability, flexibility, and choice for their clients. With the help of its technologies, users may connect, process, and manage at the edge thanks to the Industrial IoT’s full capabilities.

According to Keith Steele, CEO of IOTech Systems, “IOTech is happy to join with LATERAL to bring revolutionary AgTech and Industrial IoT capabilities within the smart farming and smart agricultural industries.” This partnership “presents more proof that our open, all-inclusive, and flexible edge solutions are continuing to push Industrial IoT innovation and adoption across a range of sectors,” the company said.

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