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Mary Agrotech Partners with Bright Food’s CEA Arm

Mary AgroTech partnership with Bright Foods

Mary Agrotechnologies Inc. (CSE: MARY) (OTCQB: MRRYF) announced in a press release their partnership with Bright Seedbase Technology Co., Ltd, the vertical farming and cultivar R&D arm of China’s Bright Food Co., Ltd.

Bright Food (officially Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd.) is a multinational food and beverages manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China. One of the largest China-based food manufacturing companies in the world, it grossed approximately USD $23.2 billion (RMB ¥155.7 billion) in revenue in 2020. Bright Food is also a majority shareholder of Israel’s largest food manufacturer Tnuva and Australia’s Manassen Foods.

Mary Agrotechnologies Inc. is an agricultural technology company that develops, manufactures, and markets automated growing systems integrated with data-driven artificial intelligence. An integrated suite of hardware and software, the ag-tech company’s proprietary automated growing systems make growing various kinds of crops substantially more sustainable, predictable, consistent, and cost-effective. For both at-home growers and commercial indoor operators, the technology platform makes cultivation independent of local climate, which makes farming agnostic of geographical location and season.

The partnership covers a range of subjects including:

  1. R&D in the cultivation of various kinds of crops in a controlled environment and vertical farms, such as vegetables, fruits, high-value crops (e.g. wasabi, vanilla, tea, tobacco), medicinal herbs, green fodder (e.g. alfalfa);
  2. Bright will consider Mary Agrotech as a preferred candidate in Bright’s future vertical farming projects, partially or fully, in design, construction, renovation, and operation processes.

As of July 21st, 2022, Mary Agrotech has worked with Bright on the Bright Seedbase Vertical Farming Pilot Campus and provided a vertical farm in a standard 20-foot container.

“We are incredibly thrilled to work with one of the top conglomerates in China,” said Frank Qin, CEO of the Company. “With interests in vertical farming and controlled-environment agriculture rapidly growing in China, we noticed Mary Agrotech’s innovations – from AI-driven cultivation to smart hardware to management apps – give us many competitive advantages over other companies in the country.”


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