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McCain Foods Reports On Sustainability Commitment

McCain Foods Reports On Sustainability Commitment AgTech

McCain Foods Limited has recently released its Sustainability Report for the past Fiscal Year. This report demonstrates McCain’s commitment to producing planet-friendly food and highlights the company’s progress in responding to the challenges of climate change.

The report includes several key achievements, including McCain’s strategic investments in plant-forward product innovations, alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard, and acceleration of regenerative agriculture efforts. McCain CEO, Max Koeune, said, “We believe agriculture must transform to safeguard our future. And we are encouraged by the progress we see in our sustainability journey.”

One of the critical areas of focus in the report is Smart and Sustainable Farming. McCain has significantly prioritized soil health and regenerative practices and provided technical assistance and financing opportunities to farmers. Additionally, the company has launched its second Farm of the Future in South Africa, where it will test regenerative farming in a Southern Hemisphere environment.

In terms of Resource-Efficient Operations, McCain has reached its water-efficiency target three years ahead of agenda, made marked progress in CO₂ emissions reductions, and improved its renewable electricity usage. The company has also bolstered its collaboration with innovative vertical farm GoodLeaf to further its plant-forward food innovation, McCain took part in GoodLeaf’s latest funding round. 

In addition to its commitment to producing delicious and sustainable food, McCain has also made significant contributions to support the communities where it operates through donations and volunteering. The company has implemented its Regenerative Agriculture Framework to further help farmers and measure the adoption of regenerative farming practices in priority regions.

Finally, the report also highlights the company’s financing partnerships for regenerative farming in France and Canada and an 8% reduction in CO2 emissions per tonne from potato farming, storage, and freight throughout the preceding fiscal year achieved by McCain Foods.

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