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Mitchell City Council Now Allows To Transform Building Into Indoor Horse-Feed Facility

Horse Feed Indoor Farm Mitchell City

As reported by the daily republic, DGI Feeds had plans to transform a commercial building into a horse feed indoor farm but was restricted by the local zoning laws until the city’s council facilitated the start of the Mitchell building’s conversion into a production facility by a South Dakota horse feed firm on Monday.

The plan by DGI Feeds to lease a sizable unoccupied building to grow barley grass for use in horse feed products depended on the council’s decision to support changing the ordinance to permit indoor crop growing in specific zoning zones. The amended rule that authorizes indoor agricultural cultivation in some zoning zones was rapidly adopted by the council on Monday.

The structure that DGI Feeds wants to use as a production facility has more than 17,000 square feet and is located in Mitchell’s downtown area close to other nearby companies.

DGI Feeds representative Craig Livingston previously discussed the company’s intentions for the Mitchell building with the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission. He clarified that the facility would be used to grow crops and package horse feed items for distribution. The “high-end” horse feed is produced using a cutting-edge approach, according to Livingston, who promoted the hydroponic cultivation of barley grass.

The council’s endorsement of the law designates indoor crop cultivation as a permissible use in highway business areas and districts specifically designated for transportation and warehousing. According to the ordinance, operations in central business districts would need a conditional use permit.

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