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Morton Williams To Distribute Edible Garden’s Produce

Morton Williams To Distribute Edible Garden's Produce

Edible Garden AG Incorporated announced that Morton Williams Supermarkets would begin carrying their produce and products in all 16 locations in the New York Metropolitan area. This partnership will bring Edible Garden’s fresh, organically grown food to more consumers, allowing them to access high-quality produce grown in a controlled environment.

Jim Kras, CEO of Edible Garden, said they would work closely with Morton Williams to identify the optimal product mix for each location. This work will ensure that each store has the proper product selection to meet its customers’ needs. In addition, by tailoring the product selection to each site, Edible Garden and Morton Williams can provide the best possible experience for customers.

Edible Garden has previously used the same strategy with their distribution agreement with Gristedes and D’Agostino supermarkets for the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Westchester Counties. In addition to expanding the distribution network, Edible Garden collaborates with Gristedes and D’Agostino on the display and strategic placement of Edible Garden’s products within their retail locations, utilizing advanced analytics and time-tested merchandising techniques. This strategy allows them to create a more effective shopping experience for customers by placing the products strategically within the stores.

Marc Goldman, Produce Director at Morton Williams Supermarkets, said they are excited to add the Edible Garden brand to their offerings. He believes that the company’s mission of bringing fresh, safe, organic, and sustainably grown food aligns with their own. In addition, this partnership will allow Morton Williams to offer high-quality, healthy options to their customers, furthering their commitment to providing fresh and nutritious food.

Photo by nrd on Unsplash

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