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MyForest Foods Expands In New York City

My Forest Foods

The whole-cut mycelium pioneer extends into new areas with its nationally acclaimed product, MyBacon, furthering its goal to feed the earth responsibly.

In an effort to meet rising customer demand for its signature product My™Bacon, MyForest Foods Co.—recently named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022—announced its retail debut in New York City and cooperation with an independent foodservice chain located in Albany.

Elm Wellness, an organic grocery and wellness shop in New York City’s West Village, and Westerly Natural Market, a supplier of natural goods, are MyForest Foods’ tenth and eleventh merchants, respectively. This significant placement marks the company’s entry into a significant market outside of Berkshire County in Massachusetts and the Capital District in New York. MyForest Foods maintains its objective to feed the earth sustainably by collaborating with natural goods merchants that value food accessibility and sustainability.

“Westerly Natural Market is the go-to store in New York City for all-natural, plant-based products and supplements. It caters to a wide clientele with a range of tastes. To satisfy a variety of demands, we are continually seeking for delectable, superior items that respect the environment “says Westerly Natural Market’s shop manager Ricardo Nieves. “We’re particularly thrilled to provide MyBacon to our Manhattan customers because our business prides itself on carrying a large selection of difficult-to-find goods. MyBacon differentiates out from the competition because it is a highly sought-after, locally manufactured meatless product with a manageable ingredient list.”

MyForest Foods will enter the foodservice market with a new restaurant partner, Herbie’s Burgers, in addition to retail in New York City. This small, three-door establishment in Albany, New York, is well known for its selection of grass-fed and entirely vegan burgers. MyBacon is the ideal topping for any of Herbie’s carefully chosen burger options since it has a fibrous texture and a smoky flavor that mimics the taste of actual pork bacon.

The enormous market momentum the firm has built since its founding in 2020 is what led to MyBacon’s growth. As a “better fakin’ bacon” in the food and beverage area, MyForest Foods most recently gained prestigious national acclaim as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022 for its few ingredients and whole-cut approach to vegetarian meals. TIME gathered nominations through a rigorous online application process and from its editors and correspondents around the world to compile its list of 200 ground-breaking inventions. Each candidate was assessed based on a number of important criteria, including originality, effectiveness, ambition, and impact.

According to Eben Bayer, co-founder and CEO of MyForest Foods, “MyForest Foods was formed with a purpose to develop sustainable solutions for the approaching climate disaster and the accompanying worldwide food shortfall.” “We’re thrilled to be listed among such an illustrious list of world-changers and innovators, and we’re humbled that TIME has acknowledged our purpose and our efforts toward a well-fed planet.”

Image provided by MyForestFoods

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