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Nature’s Miracle Holdings Partners with Growterra

Nature's Miracle Holdings Inc. and Growterra, LLC join forces in a groundbreaking Master Supply Agreement, aiming to redefine CEA.

Key Takeaways

  1. Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Agriculture: Nature’s Miracle (website) has entered into a Master Supply Agreement with Growterra, LLC, and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PowerGrow Inc. Both partnerships aim to revolutionize sustainable agriculture through advanced technology and clean energy.
  2. Exclusive Supplier to Growterra: Under the agreement with Growterra, Nature’s Miracle will be the exclusive supplier of hydroponic agriculture solutions, including LED lighting, nutrient delivery, and climate control systems.
  3. Modular Farming Units: The hydroponic solutions will be integrated into self-contained modular farming units built from repurposed shipping containers. These units will optimize every aspect of the growth environment for maximized yield.
  4. Shared Vision for Food Security: Nature’s Miracle and its partners aim to redefine the concept of food security by leaning into environmentally conscious and sustainable methods. The collaborations are expected to have a profound impact on local growers.
  5. Leadership Appointments: Nature’s Miracle has strengthened its executive team by appointing Vien Le as Chief Financial Officer and Darin Carpenter as Chief Operating Officer. Both bring extensive experience and are expected to be valuable additions to the company’s strategic initiatives and operational capabilities.

In-depth Insight into the Collaboration:

In an innovative move designed to bolster the controlled environmental agriculture industry, Nature’s Miracle Holdings Inc. has officially announced its Master Supply Agreement with Growterra, LLC. This partnership aims to push the boundaries of modern agriculture by harnessing advanced technology to amplify the output of locally grown produce.

Under this agreement, Nature’s Miracle becomes the exclusive supplier for Growterra, providing hydroponic agriculture solutions ranging from LED lighting and nutrient delivery systems to advanced climate control systems. These state-of-the-art components will be integrated into modular farming units, constructed within re-purposed shipping containers. The goal? To redefine farming by optimizing conditions for maximized yield.

The units stand out with their self-contained nature, where every aspect of the growth environment, from lighting to humidity and nutrient levels, is meticulously monitored and optimized. Leveraging sophisticated equipment and business software, these units promise to assist Growterra’s network from planting to delivering produce to a broad range of clients.

As noted by Tie “James” Li, the CEO of Nature’s Miracle, this collaboration is rooted in a shared vision. Both companies aim to redefine the concept of food security, leaning into environmentally conscious and sustainable methods. Lee Midkiff, CEO of Growterra, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the profound impact of this partnership on local growers, enabling them to manage better and develop their operations.

Nature’s Miracle and PowerGrow Partner to Revolutionize Sustainable Agriculture Through Clean Energy Greenhouses

Nature’s Miracle Holdings also announced entering a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with PowerGrow Inc. The MOU outlines a cooperative effort to develop a nationwide portfolio of clean energy-enclosed greenhouses. These greenhouses will feature indoor grow, processing, and packaging spaces and incorporate clean power generation systems ranging from 10 MW to 40 MW. The facilities are expected to be high-tech and powered by clean energy, incorporating advanced LED lighting, automated watering, fertilizing, harvesting systems, and advanced AI-based solutions.

Both companies share a vision for making agriculture more sustainable through advanced technologies and clean energy. Tie “James” Li, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Nature’s Miracle, expressed excitement about working with PowerGrow to achieve these goals. Sean Lyle, CEO and co-founder of PowerGrow, also emphasized the shared goal of creating a world where growers can deliver healthier, locally-grown produce sustainably. The collaboration aims to optimize land use, limit water consumption, increase crop yields, and generate minimal waste, thereby redefining the concept of sustainable agriculture.

Nature’s Miracle Strengthens Leadership Team with New CFO and COO Appointments

Vien Le has joined the company as its new Chief Financial Officer, effective August 2023. Le brings a wealth of experience in capital markets, having worked on infrastructure financings exceeding $100 billion for municipal governments. His portfolio includes renewable energy, transportation facilities, and water utility projects. Le’s collaborative leadership style has been highlighted as he has successfully navigated complex financial goals for various clients, adapting strategies to each entity’s unique strengths and challenges.

Darin Carpenter has been appointed the company’s Chief Operating Officer, effective October 1, 2023. Carpenter is an experienced senior executive who has managed several profitable indoor growing companies. Before joining Nature’s Miracle, he served as the CEO of Justice Growth and held other key positions in companies like Tryke and Bloom. Carpenter is a decorated former Special Operations Combat Paramedic with a Bachelor of Sciences in Genetics, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from Arizona State University. Le and Carpenter are expected to be valuable additions to Nature’s Miracle, strengthening its strategic initiatives and operational capabilities.

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