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Navaya Expands in The Ontario Province

With its main brand, Cactus, Navaya Inc. announced its entry into the province of Ontario. Cactus will be marketed as a 3.5-gram dried flower and sold at authorized retail establishments as well as online at Over the first quarter of 2023, there will be a rise in shipments to Ontario. Dried cannabis from Cactus has a steady THC content of up to 34% and may also include CBD.

With its flagship brand, Cactus, Navaya Inc., a pioneer in cutting-edge cannabis manufacturing, announces its entry into the province of Ontario. The 3.5-gram dried flower version of Cactus will be offered at authorized retail outlets and online at According to Mark Stermer, CEO of Navaya, “after a successful year manufacturing for the Quebec cannabis market, releasing the Cactus brand into the Ontario market was the next natural step. We are eager to introduce our flagship Cactus brand to the two biggest cannabis marketplaces in Canada as we increase production.”

In a unique and cutting-edge facility in Boisbriand, Quebec, Cactus products are grown using the most complete and potent vertical industrial hydroponic solution in the cannabis industry. According to Stermer, “shipments to Ontario will rise throughout the first quarter of 2023.” This year’s outstanding harvests were produced by our innovative machinery with hyper-controlled vertical hydroponic technology, and we can’t wait for people to try Cactus.

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