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NEOM and BlueNalu Partner to Advance Cell-Cultured Seafood

NEOM and BlueNalu Partner to Advance Cell-Cultured Seafood

Key Takeaways

  1. NEOM, a sustainable development project in Saudi Arabia, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BlueNalu, a leader in cell-cultured seafood.
  2. The partnership aims to commercialize, market, and distribute BlueNalu’s cell-cultured seafood products globally.
  3. Core objectives include establishing a food innovation ecosystem, public education, consumer research, and regulatory engagement.
  4. NEOM Investment Fund has invested $20 million in BlueNalu to enable its next growth stage.
  5. The collaboration aligns with NEOM’s commitment to sustainable and resilient food ecosystems.

NEOM, a sustainable regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia, has entered into a partnership with BlueNalu, a global leader in the development of cell-cultured seafood. The partnership aims to advance the commercialization, marketing, and distribution of BlueNalu’s innovative seafood products.

Focus on Sustainable Seafood

The collaboration reflects the mutual interests of both organizations in developing food solutions that enhance food security and provide healthier options for communities worldwide. “Our partnership with BlueNalu aligns perfectly with our goals to build a resilient future,” said Dr. Juan Carlos Motamayor, Executive Director of NEOM Food.

Investment and Objectives

The partnership follows a $20 million investment from the NEOM Investment Fund in BlueNalu. This funding will enable BlueNalu to scale and commercialize its cell-cultured seafood products. Core objectives of the MoU include supporting the establishment of a food innovation ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, conducting consumer research, and engaging with regulatory agencies for the approval and sale of these novel foods.

Cell-Cultured Seafood Technology

Cell-cultured seafood is produced directly from fish cells and aims to revolutionize seafood production and consumption globally. This technology can produce seafood with the same taste, texture, and nutritional value as conventional products but with a significantly reduced environmental impact. “By combining our global expertise in cell-cultured seafood with NEOM’s extraordinary vision, we can accelerate the development of innovative, renewable food solutions,” said Lou Cooperhouse, Founder, President & CEO of BlueNalu.

Commitment to Food Security

The partnership strengthens NEOM’s commitment to harnessing innovation for sustainable food solutions. “This is yet another demonstration of how NEOM Investment Fund serves as a cornerstone in actualizing NEOM’s overarching vision,” said Majid Mufti, Chief Executive Officer of NEOM Investment Fund.

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