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New Aquaponic System To Provide Versatile Solutions

The Aquaponic System According To The Company Can Be Scaled, Is Versatile & Adapted To Various Environments.

Inflation and the approaching food shortages are hot topics in global public discourse. Food producers including farmers, landowners, greenhouses, schools, restaurant owners, investors, and anyone willing to grow food indoors commercially are looking for creative solutions to address the food scarcity as citizens start stockpiling their cupboards with canned goods, rice, and beans. Dachnik Aquaponics released the Dachnik Triple Trough, a vertical aquaponic growth system that can be grown to any size and adapted to various environments according to the company.

Dachnik Aquaponics, a well-known industry leader, has spent the last ten years creating a distinctive and ground-breaking system that can be constructed anywhere, scaled to any size, and thrive in any environment. To herald in a new era of self-sustainability for commercial farming, the Dachnik Triple Trough has been carefully planned.

Commenting on their press release the company claims: “The Dachnik Commercial systems, which make use of cutting-edge technology, can fit into any size greenhouse or building, make the best use of available space by using both vertical and horizontal methods, requiring the least amount of management effort, and produce more plants per square foot than any other aquaponics design.”

The commercial systems developed by the Dachnik, provide solutions to the current challenges experienced by commercial indoor farmers. By closely resembling soil and nature’s components, this innovative method offers an unmatched sense of control to nurture fresh plants. Dachnik systems also use less space, require less labor and energy, and produce a seamless, self-sufficient farming system thanks to their simplicity and self-automated design.

“Food will be the most important and valuable investment of the future.” – Ken Burrows

Dachnik Aquaponics’ mission-driven vision has been realized via proof of concept, devotion to innovation, and steadfast commitment to transforming the commercial farming business.


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