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New Relic Signs New Vertical Farming Customer: IGS

Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has adopted New Relic, according to a statement from New Relic (NYSE: NEWR), to foster innovation and maintain real-time visibility throughout its network of indoor vertical farming towers. IGS has access to more than 30 monitoring tools with New Relic, allowing the business to identify problems and find solutions more quickly and effectively than ever before. Moreover, IGS gains insight into system performance thanks to the New Relic all-in-one strategy, enabling it to see trends and patterns that could affect the dependability and accessibility of its vertical expansion towers. The application performance monitoring (APM) agent from New Relic has made it possible to reduce resolution times by 80% and costs by 58%, improve developer productivity, comprehend linkages among microservices, and make installation simple.

“With IGS, we aim to spread delicious, wholesome cuisine worldwide. We need to go beyond application monitoring to understand when and why an event happened across our whole stack since our product is constantly changing, and the tech environment is becoming more complicated by the day”, according to Intelligent Growth Solutions founder and CTO David Scott. “By using New Relic, we could determine when issues occur, where they occurred, and the consequences. With a live product, New Relic has enabled us to develop quickly and take more significant risks.

90% of the engineering team’s estate was instrumented and moved to New Relic in under 1.5 days. The creation of Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), a technology company that thrives on developing novel answers to some of the most critical problems facing the globe, draws on decades of agricultural and engineering experience. The architecture for logging and infrastructure monitoring that enables the next wave of agritech is provided by New Relic in cooperation with IGS, which it is proud to maintain.

Greg Ouillon, CTO of New Relic Europe, says, “Intelligent Growth Solutions brings decades of agricultural and engineering knowledge to build a technology firm that thrives on providing cutting-edge solutions to some of the world’s most critical concerns. We are ecstatic to maintain our cherished cooperation with IGS and to offer the framework for logging and infrastructure monitoring that enables the development of the upcoming agritech.”

Image provided by Intelligent Growth Solutions

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