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Nongshim To Develop VF Technologies in Qatar

Nongshim Vertical Farming

Nongshim South Korea’s leading instant noodles and snack manufacturer, and a global name in the food and beverages market, vows to further develop vertical farming technologies. In an interview with Gulf Times Y J Bae, manager at Nongshim says, “Nongshim is a conglomerate with all the essential subsidiaries to be the leader in its field. By identifying key elements, Nongshim is making vertical farming less human-intensive and easier to maintain through its subsidiary, Nongshim Engineering.”

He continues, “While everyone is talking about vertical farming and its benefits, at Nongshim, in cooperation with Star Farm Enterprise in the US, we would like to provide education and training to help find talent and certify them to be key players in any vertical farms that would be set up in Qatar, the Middle East, or anywhere in the world.”

Last week, a Korean smart farm consortium, comprising POMIT Company and Nongshim Company, has been awarded a pilot project becoming the first partner of the Oman government’s smart farm initiative as the country seeks to further develop such technology to decrease its reliance on food imports. The project includes two 40ft containers, designed and manufactured in Korea, to be installed in Oman, besides supporting operations, training, and transfer of know-how in the first three months. Following this period, the consortium will provide remote support for one year.

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