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Oman To Receive Two Container Farms From Nongshim

Nongshim Container Farm in Oman

A vertical farming container has been sent by Nongshim, a South Korean food & beverage firm, for use in a trial project in Oman, which has started a state smart farm drive to reduce its dependency on food imports. According to Nongshim, the smart farm allows for crop production up to 18 times a year.

Since establishing an internal startup team in 2018 to advance its smart farm company, this is Nongshim’s first smart farm export. According to the company, the state of Oman’s smart farm program has chosen Nongshim as its first partner, making its smart farm export significant. Two 40-foot containers make up the $200,000 trial project, which has a total cultivation area of around 165 square meters.

Temperature, humidity, light, nutrients, carbon dioxide, and other environmental factors are all automatically regulated. With a smartphone, users may access and manage Nongshim’s smart farm whenever and wherever they are. Most of the hardware and software used in smart farms, including growing facilities, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and an environmental management system, was created by Nongshim.

The F&B company hopes to market smart farm technology to other Middle Eastern nations via its agreement with Oman. An anonymous Nongshim official said in a statement on November 23 that cultivation was “nearly difficult” in the Middle East since it was primarily desert. “There is a very high probability of market expansion” because the majority of those nations rely on imported food and have been growing more interested in smart farms.

South-Korea is actively developing vertical farming technologies with several leading companies erecting projects throughout the world.

Image provided by Nongshim 

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