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Partnership To Leverage Vertical Farming To Bring Personalized Nutrition to North America

FRM S.r.l., and Great Product Ventures, Inc. Announce a Strategic Partnership to Bring Personalized Nutrition via Advanced Vertical Farming to North America.

FRM S.r.l., based in Rovereto (TN), and Great Product announced a strategic partnership focused on the commercialization of high-pressure aeroponic systems for the cultivation of personalized, bio-fortified plants in the North American Market. This alliance allows FRM to bring its scalable, affordable, and unique solutions to North American Consumers. Great Product adds another high-potential company to its portfolio and strongly believes that “personalized, nutrition-based plant production” is the future.

Great Product is a U.S. venture development firm with a unique business model to build, fund, and grow European companies in North America. Great Product’s founder has worked with innovative startups in Europe for the past fifteen years and the firm is born out of an appreciation for European innovation and the need to couple that innovation with capital and huge commercial markets. Through its numerous affiliations and associations, Great Product gives companies immediate access to a large network of qualified investors, venture capital firms, and Fortune 1000 companies. Great Product’s team is made up of proven entrepreneurs and experts in the critical areas of intellectual property, finance, US government regulations, business development, sales, and marketing.

FRM, based in northeast Italy, is focused on the development, production, and management of high-pressure aeroponic modules for vertical cultivation of bio-fortified plants. The Company is able to create personalized plant products fortified with nutrients customized and needed by a particular consumer.

FRM will tackle the growing problem of micronutrient deficiency such as Iron and Vitamin B12 via its proprietary vertical farming technology. In almost every country of the western world, over half of women of childbearing age don’t get the recommended intake of Iron. Vitamin B12 deficiency is also a globally rising concern. Additionally, the boom in popularity for vegetarian and plant-based diets dis-places the consumtion of meat – the main dietary source of particular micronutrients.

“FRM is thrilled to collaborate with Great Product’s team “said Stefano Boaretto, CEO of FRM S.r.l. He added, “We strongly believe that the US market is the right place to be for us and we have chosen Great Product to support us in this mission”.

Jonathan Ramaci, Founder & CEO of Great Product Ventures, adds, “FRM has developed an affordable and modular technology, enabling the production of biofortified, vertical farming products closer to the final consumer.”. Mr. Ramaci further added that “North America dominates the personalized nutrition market because of the rise in awareness among consumers about their health and the desire for personalized nutrition. There has never been a better time for innovative European Companies to embrace the Great Product model as the U.S. market continues to experience geometric growth.”

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