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PharmCloud™ Inaugurates a New State-of-the-Art Indoor Cultivation Facility

PharmCloud Oklahoma Facility

PharmCloud is a commercial state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility that leverages the most advanced and automated horticulture technologies and science. The company also launched the world’s first “Grow as a Service™” offering, which gives cannabis consumer brands, academic and pharmaceutical researchers, and supplement, food, and beverages companies in the nutraceutical industry access to their own crops. PharmCloud ensures the purest, safest, and most effective cannabis crops grown for medical and recreational use. PharmCloud’s first facility in Tulsa is driven to become the first FDA\GMP grow facility in the US. The disruptive technology which drives PharmCloud facility enables the company to offer an endless variety of profiles in consistent, repeatable, safe, “Beyond Organic” stable, and traceable small batches. 

According to Dr. Yaron Penn, co-founder and board member of PharmCloud, “We are implementing industry 4.0 revolution technologies to the worldwide cannabis sector utilizing automated and autonomous cultivation techniques.” “Our in-house developed system uses closed-loop vertical farming to regulate small or big batches of specially cultivated plants using full stack edge computing coupled with hundreds of sensors. This makes it possible to produce consistently excellent cannabis with chemical profiles that our AI technology continuously analyzes and manages.”

The company claims to provide the cleanest, most consistent cannabis as an ingredient for nutraceutical companies who are creating supplements including cannabis, food including cannabis, and beverages infused with cannabis. By leveraging automated monitoring using hundreds of sensors tracking everything from moisture to nutrients and can predict when plants are ready for harvesting and drying, the company aims to offer a complete service to their consumers for legal recreational and medical cannabis users.

“PharmCloud’s operation can help you design and cultivate your own,” Dr. Penn stated. “Whether you are seeking one artisanal quality, flavor, and experience for your product, or you desire to provide a range of fully distinct and 100% pure and consistent cannabis-based items,” he said. “We manage our business sustainably, with knowledge, full openness at all levels, and using cutting-edge analytical techniques. Our clients, who had a key role in the creation of our purpose and vision, benefit from a new level of engagement with us as well as constantly higher quality control and assurance.”

Image provided by PharmCloud™


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