ProducePay Launches Virtual Storefront to Connect Growers and Buyers in the Global Produce Industry

AgTech company, ProducePay Launches Virtual Storefront

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive global produce industry, growers and buyers constantly seek new ways to connect and do business. To meet this demand, ProducePay has launched a new feature called “Virtual Storefront.”

The Virtual Storefront offers growers a personalized platform to market their brand and available commodities and initiate transactions with verified buyers. In addition, it allows growers to share real-time information about their field operations, farming practices, trading history, and sustainability commitments. This level of transparency assures buyers of high-quality purchases and the flexibility to source commodities strategically.

According to ProducePay CEO Patrick McCullough, the Storefront feature was created to promote connection and sustainability in the produce industry. This feature allows growers to connect directly with buyers and share updated information transparently, breaking down barriers and fostering trust for more efficient and resilient supply chains.

To become a Verified Member of the Virtual Storefront, growers undergo an extensive vetting and verification process. This process ensures the quality of their products and gives them elevated visibility in the marketplace. As a result, Verified Members have a 97% acceptance/fill rate.

For buyers, the Virtual Storefront provides a seamless and convenient browsing experience. They can easily view a grower’s specifications, acceptance rate, punctuality of shipments, and successful shipment history. Buyers can also communicate directly with growers through the platform, whether it be to ask questions, message, or submit trade offers.

The Virtual Storefront integrates ProducePay’s signature services and financing solutions, including Pre-Season and QuickPay, for greater convenience. This integration makes it easier for buyers to access the financing they need to purchase the commodities they need when they need them.

Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash 

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