April Edition Vertical Farming Review


The first edition of the Vertical Farming Review® is now available on iGrow News! Discover the latest trends in the indoor vertical farming sector, what operators are growing, what are the newest projects emerging, how are publicly-listed companies performing in the stock market, and interviews with industry-leading companies and organizations!


In this month’s edition discover:

  • New crops that vertical farming companies are expanding to
  • Space farms attracting investors
  • The UAE seeking the world’s biggest vertical farm near EXPO 2020
  • Interview with Intelligent Growth Solutions’ Head of Vertical Farming Solutions, Douglas Elder
  • Interview with Sakata Seeds’ CEA expert, Tracy-Lee Zogby
  • Interview with Jacopo Monzini, a senior natural resources management officer at the FAO
  • The top movers in publicly-traded vertical farming stocks for the month of March
  • A spotlight on the UK and its increasing investments in vertical farming solutions
  • And much more…



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