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Qeleo Technologies Join Forces With Terra Sana

Terra Sana Partners With Qeleo Technologies

A cooperation between Qeleo and Terra Sana has been announced. Qeleo is a pioneer in linked AI for businesses worldwide. Terra Sana is a pioneer in biotechnology, modular vertical farming systems, and indoor growing facilities. The growth and yield rates of crops will be optimized using Qeleo’s AI. As a result, Terra Sana is able to increase food yields while using fewer resources, such as water and electricity.

According to Qeleo CEO Tarka L’Herpiniere, “We are happy to join with Terra Sana to bring our AI technology to the world of agriculture. To keep up with the fast-evolving requirements of people, the world must use technology. We frequently hear that the problems we are now facing seem insurmountable. This is not Qeleo’s vision. At Qeleo, we firmly believe that advanced technological solutions can improve both the environment and the quality of life for those who live there.”

With the help of Qeleo’s AI technology and Terra Sana’s broad network, the cooperation develops solutions for sustainable agriculture. With more than 30,000 species profiles used to train it, the AI can make precise suggestions for each crop’s nutritional and environmental requirements that are always up to date. As a result, Terra Sana would be able to increase food yields while using fewer resources, such as water and electricity, and eventually lessen the effect of agriculture on the planet.

Oliver Willett, CEO of Terra Sana, stated, “We’re astonished at how easily Qeleo’s AI toolset has merged into our own operations and how it’s assisting us in tackling our key performance indicators, which include optimized crop growth and decreased environmental impact. To make these technologies available to the whole agritech sector, we are collaborating with Qeleo. This alliance will be advantageous for both our business and the global agriculture sector as a whole.”

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