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RapidGrow LED’s Newest Light, SOLITE

RapidGrow Newest Light SOLITE

RapidGrow LED’s newest light, SOLITE, combines state-of-the-art technology and advanced systems software for cannabis growers and operators. 

RapidGrow LED, the nations leading technology solutions provider and manufacturer of LED lighting and a subsidiary of PANGEA Global Technologies, Inc, has announced the debut of SOLITE, the company’s newest LED light for cannabis growers and operators

SOLITE combines Bluelight and UV to enhance gene expression and increase resin production. SOLITE’s high-resolution spectrum achieves maximum photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) penetration and coverage. Whether vertically stacked or single layer, SOLITE’s blend of state-of-the-art Samsung diodes (LEDs) and PANGEA software gives operators the ability to have independent control of each fixture. SOLITE will be able to daisy chain up to 12 LED fixtures on a single 20A circuit. 

David Fried, President of RapidGrow, said, ” SOLITE signals a shift in the LED lighting industry and ushers in the next generation of optimized growing systems for cannabis operators.” 

The PANGEA software in SOLITE automates energy monitoring and reporting. The software also automates moisture sensors, CO2 and temperature sensors, soil sensors, and par sensors with Apogee quantum meters and connects up to 3,000+ fixtures on a single gateway.

With no need for wiring between light fixtures, operators can control individual light fixtures and pre-set zones while gathering data with real-time reporting.

RapidGrow LED, a part of PANGEA Global Technologies, Inc., was founded in 2022 and serves the indoor farming, legal cannabis, and hemp industries as the top maker of LED lighting in North America. RapidGrow’s lighting and software platform, which is proprietary, open-architecture, 256-bit encrypted, and fully wireless, offers automation, data collection and analytics, sensor and device integration, and individual control of each light source for yield optimization. 

Image provided by RapidGrow

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