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Sentera Launches Aerial WeedScout Technology”

Sentera's new Aerial WeedScout technology cuts herbicide use by 70% while maintaining effective weed control.

Sentera, renowned as a front-runner in ag-analytics, proudly announced the debut of its Aerial WeedScout technology. This groundbreaking precision weed control solution promises to cut post-emergent herbicide application by a remarkable 70% without compromising results.

Aerial WeedScout is the inaugural complete, selective herbicide application solution that blends top-tier performance, cost-efficiency, and user-friendly features to ensure widespread uptake. This solution’s integration of cutting-edge, high-resolution imaging combined with deep learning tech sets this solution apart. This synergy guarantees earlier and more precise weed detection over rival technologies. Users can operate application equipment at regular speeds, and the initial investment is substantially lower than other on-machine alternatives.

In a revolutionary approach, Sentera’s precise weed detection maps guide the automatic creation of a machine prescription. This ensures the herbicide targets only required areas, paving the way for efficient weed management. This prescription is versatile enough for diverse sprayer fleet brands and setups.

Brian Wenngatz, CEO of Sentera, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce this innovation to the industry after half a decade of dedicated research and development. Our focus has been on cost-efficiency and scalability from imaging to spraying. We envision a transformative approach to weed control.”

Instrumented field trials have showcased the Aerial WeedScout’s potential for cost savings while maintaining weed control efficiency on par with conventional broadcast application methods. The technology is compatible with all leading sprayer equipment brands, including sophisticated nozzle-specific systems.

As the following steps, after technology verification, Sentera aims to streamline commercialization by pinpointing a suitable market entry partner. This strategy builds upon Sentera’s previous collaborations with esteemed input and machinery providers.

Reflecting on the journey ahead, Wenngatz remarked, “Taking such a revolutionary solution to the market requires collaboration to maximize its impact on our stakeholders. Our goal is a collective vision emphasizing reduced application costs, higher yields, and augmented soil sustainability.”

The company is excited to share that Hobart Beeghly and Anthony Osborne, seasoned Bayer Crop Science and Monsanto leaders, are on board to counsel Sentera for Aerial WeedScout’s future journey. Their vast experience will be pivotal in guiding the company’s next steps.

Osborne, acknowledging Sentera’s distinctive technological edge, said, “Sentera’s unparalleled technology brings exceptional value to farmers. Their potential to swiftly scale and address ubiquitous challenges, like weed control, is unmatched.” Beeghly also shared his anticipation, “Collaborating with Sentera promises innovative digital solutions to agronomic issues. Strategic partnerships can unlock value across the entire agricultural spectrum, benefiting retailers, farmers, and industry associates.”

Sentera champions the cause of agronomic leaders, enabling them to harness the full potential of every season. Positioned as the ultimate provider of ag-analytics, Sentera leverages its machine learning-driven data science ecosystem to offer reliable, scalable plant metrics to optimize performance outcomes. This can be sourced from aerial images taken by Sentera’s drone tech solutions or services. With a presence in over 45 nations, Sentera collaborates with numerous clients in research, product innovation, and on-field product validation. 

Image provided by Sentera

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