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Signify Install Proprietary LED In Korean Greenhouse

  • Contributing to growers’ annual income by increasing the annual tomato production regardless of weather conditions.
  • Predicting production before installation based on plant growth simulations.

Signify Korea has installed a Philips horticulture LED grow light solution at the 2.8 ha Parm Farm Greenhouse for tomato production located in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea. Parm Farm chose to install Philips GreenPower toplighting compact to accelerate plant growth, produce higher yields, and enable higher-quality crop production. This has helped to create an ideal environment for plant growth, increasing the harvest in the rainy season when there’s little sunshine and dramatically improving plant quality. It will also help the business to generate more revenue by increasing its annual tomato production and providing a stable supply of tomatoes for consumers.

The Philips LED horticulture solution saves up to 50% in energy use compared to conventional light sources by using high-quality LEDs with excellent light efficiency, thereby minimizing the cost of greenhouse operation. Moreover, crop yield can be predicted by conducting pre-installation simulations based on the optimal light recipe for the tomatoes.

“Philips’s LED horticulture lighting solution can help secure stable food production in the future,” said Ryan Kang, Market Leader Far East. “We will contribute to growing safe and healthy produce whether in unseasonal periods or even during natural disasters.”

Parm Farm is a major agricultural corporation with annual revenue of 11.3 million euros. As the partner of Shinsegae Food, one of the largest food companies in South Korea, it has built this high-tech greenhouse as a win-win growth model. Parm Farm will deliver a stable supply of fresh tomatoes from the producer to the table year-round.


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