Silal Unveils R&D Center in Al Ain to Boost Agri-Food Sector
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Silal Unveils R&D Center in Al Ain to Boost Agri-Food Sector

Silal is initiating the launch of Innovation Oasis, an extraordinary Innovation, Research, and Development (R&D) Center located in Al Ain. This unique facility is designed to cultivate an ecosystem that uses advanced technologies to accelerate the growth of the Agri-Food sector.

Spanning a remarkable 300,000 square meters, the R&D center boasts integrated laboratories and training facilities. It aspires to serve as a nucleus for academic institutions, research organizations, and businesses. These parties can exploit this dynamic hub to devise and test technically advanced solutions that are geared towards bolstering agricultural growth and enhancing production in a sustainable manner.

Silal’s Innovation Oasis is set to address the core challenges currently plaguing Agri-Food production in the UAE and beyond. These challenges encompass a wide range of aspects including, but not limited to, maximizing water efficiency, developing robust seeds, enhancing soil quality, and refining irrigation water systems.

The multi-faceted facility includes a diverse range of specialized sections. These comprise a soil and water laboratory, a pest and disease diagnostic lab, a variety improvement lab, a plant growth chamber, and a phenotyping facility specifically for seed development. It also includes post-harvest facilities such as cold stores and exhibition areas.

Further bolstering the cutting-edge appeal of Innovation Oasis is an open-field trial site. This is equipped with state-of-the-art fertigation systems, IoT sensors, weather stations, and automated systems, rounding out a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies aimed at invigorating the region’s Agri-Food sector.

Photo by Swag Photography on Unsplash 

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