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Solinftec Partners with American Cooperatives to Expand AI-Driven Sustainable Agriculture

Solinftec, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainable agricultural practices, has partnered with three American cooperatives: Co-Alliance, Carroll FS, and Premier Ag. These partnerships, established at the beginning of August, come after the cooperatives completed the acquisition of additional Solix units, having tested and experienced the benefits of Solinftec’s Sprayer solution on their crops.

Solix Sprayer Solution: A Game Changer in Herbicide Application

The Solix Sprayer solution has proven to be a revolutionary technology in American agriculture. It reduces crop herbicide volume by more than 95% through targeted applications that eliminate weeds at their early stages. In 2023, around 20 robots covered the American corn belt, demonstrating the effectiveness of this solution.

According to Leonardo Carvalho, Chief Global Strategy Officer at Solinftec, the three cooperatives are at the forefront of agricultural technology in the United States. “By adopting Solix, they realized the potential for changing how they price services provided to American producers,” he said.

Solinftec: A New Model for Charging Services

Traditionally, American cooperatives purchase agrochemicals directly from companies in the agricultural pesticides industry and offer spraying services along with the product. With the introduction of the Solix robot, a new model emerges, where charging for the service is not based on the volume of agrochemicals applied but on clean acres. This includes factors such as weed-free area, productivity per acre, and the possibility of establishing a fixed value, as the choice of the product to be applied by the Solix platform lies with the Cooperative.

Sustainability and Economic Benefits

Guilherme Guiné, Chief of Operations of Solinftec in North America, emphasized the company’s ability to serve a wide range of businesses, enabling quick decision-making, reducing agrochemicals, and providing sustainability. “Additionally, we offer a new way of managing the American corn belt,” he added.

Senior Director YieldPro at Co-Alliance, Noah Freeman noted the economic and sustainability benefits generated by Solix. Ryan Priest, Chief Operating Officer at Premier, and Chase Sellnow, General Manager at Carroll Service Company, also praised Solinftec’s expertise and the potential for change in how they conduct their business through adopting this robotic technology.

Additional Partnership with WHIN

In addition to the three cooperatives, the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) has partnered with Solinftec and will continue using the technology among its members in the next harvest.

Image provided by Solinftec

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