Spanish Government Takes Action: 300 Million Euros in Aid for Farmers Amid Fertilizer Price Hike

Spanish Government Takes Action: 300 Million Euros in Aid for Farmers Amid Fertilizer Price Hike

The Spanish Government has significantly supported the country’s farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. In a recent meeting, the Council of Ministers agreed to authorize 300 million euros in aid for agricultural exploitation owners to compensate for the increase in fertilizer prices. The assistance is part of the Government’s commitment to supporting the country’s agricultural sector and is aimed at maintaining the profitability of farming exploitations.

Fertilizer prices have tripled over the past year, and these products are essential for food production. The price increase is primarily due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has significantly impacted the global fertilizer market. To help mitigate the impact of this increase, the Spanish Government has included the aid in Royal Decree-Law 20/2022.

The aid will be allocated to natural or legal persons who own permanent crop farms, with a maximum payment of 22 euros per hectare for rainfed areas and 55 euros per hectare for irrigated areas. The Spanish Agrarian Guarantee Fund will handle the amount directly to the beneficiaries without requiring additional paperwork. The provisional resolution with the beneficiaries will be published in February, and the payment will be made in the spring.

In addition to the aid, the royal decree-law also stipulates a reduction of the previous net yield for agricultural diesel and fertilizers for the 2022 and 2023 tax periods. This measure is part of a broader package of efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food to ensure access to fertilizers for productive and sustainable agriculture.

The Council of Ministers has also approved a royal decree for sustainable nutrition in agricultural soils. This is an essential step in promoting sustainable agriculture in the country and will help to ensure that future generations have access to stable food production.

The fertilizer price index reached historic levels in 2022, mainly for nitrogenous products, with a 150% increase estimated by the European Commission. Fertilizers play a crucial role in promoting crop growth and stable food production. 

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