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Sustainable Green Team & VRM Global Fortify Partnership

Sustainable Green Team & VRM Global Fortify Partnership

Sustainable Green Team, Ltd. (OTCQX: SGTM), a trailblazer in arbor care, waste disposal, and recycling, has declared an enhancement of its partnership with VRM Global Holdings Pty Ltd. (VRM), manifesting through an increased monetary stake by VRM in SGTM, thereby accentuating the robust partnership between these two leading companies.

This strategic move follows a $46.8 million purchase order for SGTM’s premier product, HumiSoil®, from VRM Biologik Middle East and Africa. Concurrently, SGTM has entered a beneficial Purchase Agreement with New Earth Technologies Pte Ltd. This agreement allows SGTM to secure additional constituents required to manufacture more significant quantities of HumiSoil® and analogous products.

Under this renewed agreement, SGTM will augment the production of these ground-breaking soil health technologies by an additional four million cubic yards. This commitment further underlines the company’s unwavering dedication to environmentally responsible practices and manufacturing processes that significantly contribute to enhanced soil quality while mitigating carbon emissions.

Moreover, SGTM and VRM have refined their original agreement dated August 9, 2022. The updated arrangement permits VRM to acquire an extra 7 million shares of SGTM’s common stock, thereby deepening VRM’s investment in SGTM’s promising trajectory.

VRM’s substantial investment enlarges its US market presence and is a critical component of an overarching strategy aimed at amplifying the production of its revolutionary soil hydration products, HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio®. These transformative products are specifically designed to revitalize soil hydration at a cellular level, resulting in markedly healthier soil and flourishing agricultural yield.

“HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio® exemplify a notable paradigm shift from traditional composting methods, which can inadvertently release substantial amounts of water, CO2, and other gases during decomposition,” explained Tony Raynor, CEO of SGTM. “Our innovative approach instead capitalizes on waste materials from production, thus creating a highly beneficial, sustainable product for both agriculture and residential use.”

The alliance between SGTM and VRM is a compelling demonstration of their mutual dedication to sustainable practices and pioneering environmental solutions. These companies endeavor to maximize the total value of trees, repurposing every part into valuable products while eliminating the carbon emissions typically associated with tree and storm-related waste disposal.

Sustainable Green Team envisions expanding the availability of HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio® across the US for utilization in residential gardens and lawns. This pioneering initiative dovetails perfectly with their ambitious mission to restore depleted topsoil in 25% of the world’s arable land, a significant stride towards alleviating global water usage and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, Ken Bellamy, Founder of the VRM Biologik Group, commented: “The ability to fully incorporate our soil-binding and water-generation catalysts with the clean wood fiber that SGTM offers enables us to promptly tackle pressing issues around water loss and soil degradation at a global scale. In addition, our strategic partnership with SGTM is instrumental in providing sustainable soil solutions to regions in urgent need of such assistance.”

Image provided by The Sustainable Green Team

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