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Swegreen & Ica Maxi Form New Agreement

Swegreen Partner With Ica Maxi

Swegreen and Ica Maxi formed a contract. Ica Maxim will be able to cultivate and harvest up to 450 crops each day, 24 hours a day, all year round, on a surface area of 60 square meters. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions will be lower, and crops will be grown in a circular system with no influence on the environment.

Swegreen announced that they’ve formed a new agreement with Ica Maxi. The new shop’s location, along with other improvements, now has new refrigerators and freezers, improved lighting, wider aisles, a greater variety, and a larger fruit and vegetable section than before. With the investment in internal cultivation, the environment is presently moving forward significantly.

“We make an effort to provide a variety of locally manufactured and sustainable goods. We have the option to provide our clients with an engaging overall experience thanks to Swegreen’s cultivation solution.” According to shop manager Sebastian Damréus, “the ability to purchase the products that are grown behind glass makes them feel even better.”

“We were taken aback by the fact that Swegreen’s growth solution allows us to grow a lot in just 60 square meters. It’s clearly a significant benefit that it also yields leafy greens that taste better and are healthier than those that are traditionally cultivated. We believed that this was something we needed to look at more thoroughly when we included the sustainability issue,” adds Sebastian.

It was this choice that prompted Ica Maxi Ngelholm to invest in “Freja,” Swegreen’s current largest platform and a cultivation solution enabling them grow and harvest up to 450 crops a day, 24 hours a day, all year long, on a surface area of 60 square meters.

“Although we do not yet have a set date, we will get down and make arrangements for installation and start-up after the weekends. Being a part in establishing Skne’s first retail cultivation makes us glad and proud.” Janne Andersson, Global Sales Director at Swegreen, says, “And of course hope that more people will open their eyes to all the advantages of investing in own cultivation within the store or restaurant.”

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