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Texas A&M, SVG Ventures|THRIVE & Intel Partner

Texas A&M AgriLife, Intel Corporation, and SVG Ventures|THRIVE has announced a collaboration to advance innovations in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) to boost food and nutrition security in Texas. Together, the three organizations will construct an ecosystem that will find and scale up economically, ecologically and socially viable solutions to problems relating to food security.

Global macro trends like the Covid-19 epidemic, geopolitical conflicts, climate change, and local elements like labor dynamics and weather occurrences have contributed to the recent escalation of food security problems. In addition, recent and unheard-of storms in the area have exacerbated food security issues in urban food deserts in Texas. The relationship resulted from the organizations discovering a rare opportunity to enhance nutrition security in Texas with CEA solutions by utilizing technology, creativity, and the Intel, Texas A&M AgriLife, and THRIVE ecosystems.

Intel will use its vast resource pool to assist CEA technologies in advance. The partnership creates a platform for advancing nutrition security in the Texas ecosystem and beyond thanks to THRIVE’s startup, scale-up, and ecosystem and award-winning innovation programming, Intel’s resources and solution development capabilities, and Texas A&M’s expertise and infrastructure.

To address nutrition security goals, a working team will map the innovation landscape in urban nutrition security, identify critical problems and opportunities for innovation, build the ecosystem, and identify and scale economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable solutions.

John Hartnett, CEO and creator of SVG Ventures|THRIVE, stated, “We are thrilled to join with Intel & Texas A&M to advance CEA technologies to promote progress in food and nutrition security.

Archana Deskus, CIO and SVP at Intel Corporation, say, “Our work with THRIVE is part of Intel’s RISE Technology Initiative, which has created a broad, purpose-driven platform for action with dedicated workstreams that support sustainability, education, healthcare, accessibility, and human rights.”

“The THRIVE Global Impact Initiative, a global initiative to achieve a sustainable agri-food future, strongly emphasizes nutrition security. To solve urgent industry concerns, including food security, soil health and biodiversity, GHG reduction, and water management, it is done by gathering startups, scaleups, corporates, farmers, investors, and other important players.”

Image provided by Texas A&M

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