The Capital Raising Benefits in Marketing

Capital Raising Benefits in Marketing

In partnership with Socialike, a Social Media marketing agency specializing in natural and organic CPG space, we will spotlight one company involved in the indoor farming space and highlight their marketing efforts in moving the industry forward. This post was written by Isaac Brody. Isaac Brody is the President and Founder of Socialike, a Social Media marketing agency specializing in natural and organic CPG space. You can view his most recent article here.

As we look back at the major capital raising in the CEA industry this year, three brands come to mind; Bowery Farming, Gotham Greens, and Plenty. What do all these brands have in common? Sensational marketing!

Marketing isn’t just about promoting products and services to consumers. It can also be used as a tool to help companies raise capital. Here are a few ways that the aforementioned brands’ great marketing efforts helped companies attract investors and secure funding:

Demonstrating value proposition:

  • Great marketing helps to clearly communicate a company’s value proposition to potential investors. By highlighting the unique benefits and features of a product or service, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and show why they are worth investing in.
  • Bowery Farming does a great job of explaining its value prop on its FARM page.

Building brand awareness:

  • Strong branding and marketing efforts can help to build awareness of a company and its products or services. This can make it easier for companies to attract investors, as they will be more familiar with the brand and what it stands for.
  • With its iconic font and recognizable branding, no CEA company embodies strong branding as much as Plenty.

Providing market insight and customer demographics. This information can be useful for investors, as it helps to understand the potential size and growth potential of a company’s customer bases: Marketing efforts can also provide valuable insights into a company’s target market.

Creating customer demand:

  • Great marketing helps to create demand for a company’s products or services. This can be especially valuable for companies seeking funding, as it demonstrates to investors that there is a real market need for what the company is offering.
  • Gotham Greens has done an excellent job of this with the launch of their dips and dressings.

Establishing thought leadership:

  • Marketing can also help to establish a company as a thought leader in its industry. By demonstrating expertise and leadership through marketing efforts, companies can position themselves as go-to sources for information and solutions in their field, which can make them more attractive to investors.
  • Bowery Farming, Gotham Greens, and Plenty all do an excellent job of demonstrating thought leadership.

Overall, great marketing can be a powerful tool for companies looking to raise capital. By clearly communicating their value proposition, building brand awareness, providing market insights, creating customer demand, and establishing thought leadership, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and make themselves more attractive to potential investors.

Image provided by Lyn ONG

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