The Complexity Of The Energy Issue

Energy Issue

2022 has seen perhaps an unprecedented energy crisis with prices skyrocketing across the globe and reaching all-time highs. Driven by numerous factors including the economic recovery from the pandemic’s lockdown & subsequent decrease in business activity, the economic recovery outpacing the energy supply capacity, and the Ukrainian war that has further contributed to skyrocketing energy prices in Europe.

The energy crisis has been prevalent as well in the indoor farming sector which has led numerous companies to halt their operations, change the crops grown, slice their workforce to save on operational costs as well as, for the least fortunate, shut their operations down. This has pushed companies involved in the indoor farming/ controlled environment agriculture sector to seek new energy sources as well as solutions that are less energy intensive.

Energy has always been the supreme unit of exchange for mankind’s evolution.  But what is alarming is the lack of energy literacy. The big, complex energy picture is broken down into 16 clear graphics in an eight-part video series by Agro Resilience Kit (ARK). The first part is an introduction to a deeper dive with seven additional parts that explore electricity in five graphics (Part 2), natural gas in 14 graphics (Part 3), oil in sixteen graphics (Part 4), coal in five graphics (Part 5), nuclear in four graphics (Part 6), hydro in two graphics (Part 7) and renewables in twenty graphics (Part 8). Intelligent answers like cogeneration, concentrated solar, biogas, biodiesel, and other fuels are highlighted within each Part.

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