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This Week’s Marketing Spotlight: Indoor Farms See Great Exposure With the Right Partnerships

This week's marketing spotlight on indoor farms partnership

In partnership with Socialike, a Social Media marketing agency specializing in natural and organic CPG space, we will spotlight one company involved in the indoor farming space and highlight their marketing efforts in moving the industry forward. 

Social media brand partnerships are a great way for brands in the indoor ag space to gain online exposure. The concept of a brand partnership can be straightforward. You find a like-minded brand that shares the same consumers as you but is not a competitor.

  • At the simplest level, both brands post about each other products online so each other’s social media audience can be made aware of the partner’s brand. These types of partnerships are ideal for building brand awareness.
  • A more complex partnership can be integrating two different products and creating something unique to your collective brands.

Brands in the indoor farming space are perfect for a wide variety of partnerships. Below we list out some concepts we have come up with, as well as some existing examples:

  • Imagine an indoor farm that purchased a new greenhouse and is looking for ways to gain exposure in the local community. Reaching out to local breweries could be a great way to build goodwill. We have seen many collaborations where craft breweries infuse herbs into their beers.
  • Partnering with local restaurants and having the farms’ herbs featured on the menu. Having the indoor farms products featured on the menu at a restaurant where your supermarket consumers dine is a great way to build brand awareness.
  • Both examples build brand awareness in real life (IRL), and the content generated can be utilized via social media.

Soli Organic and Nutri Bullet ran a social media giveaway where the goal was to share fans. The campaign resulted in thousands of new eyeballs on Soli Organic’s Instagram account and hundreds of new followers.


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Bowery Farming and Doughnut Plant created a very unexpected partnership. A basil flavored doughnut.


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Gotham Greens and OXO ran a similar partnership to Soli Organic with similar results.


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Plenty and Imperfect Foods was the first highly publicized charitable partnership we noticed on social media. Plenty Foods drove website traffic to a sign-up page for Imperfect Foods with a coupon for 20% off your first four orders. This partnership did a few things we liked:

  • Created goodwill with its consumers
  • Tied into Plenty Foods’ mission of being good for the environment
  • Created great online exposure with new consumers


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We expect to see many creative partnerships in the future across the industry.

This post was written by Isaac Brody. Isaac Brody is the President and Founder of Socialike, a Social Media marketing agency specializing in natural and organic CPG space.

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