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Token Introduced To Support Sectors Including Hydroponic Farming

Crypto Token on Hydroponics

A private company with offices in India and Singapore, UNS DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES has announced the release of its UNS Token, which will enable users to generate passive income from the fields of agriculture, education, energy, and healthcare.

UNS Token, a Multi-Sector Utility BEP20 Token that makes it possible to link physical utilities to the digital world, is concentrated on forming alliances with diverse businesses, particularly in key industries:

  • Agriculture through Hydroponic Farming,
  • Education through online and offline coaching,
  • In the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Solar energy,
  • and cryptocurrency through a cryptocurrency exchange

Early investors could have the chance to take part in the $UNS token pre-sale before it goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The $UNS Token is based on the Binance Blockchain, thus. It is a Multisector Utility BEP20 Token, or BEP20 UNS Token, which permits linking physical utilities to the online world. Huge organic demand is anticipated for UNS TOKEN since it will support UNS Exchange and have initiatives throughout the world in all four of the most important service industries for humanity.

Features UNS

  • Hydroponic gardening may aid in the production of these unique veggies while also preserving crop quality by directly purchasing the goods from the farmers and by connecting the farmers directly with the customers of small and big scale.
  • UNS is committed to fostering the next generation, which has enormous potential for development, learning, and experience. The curriculum is designed with the help of professionals with doctorates in the field of modern wealth creation, with a greater emphasis on enabling every child to understand the science behind wealth creation in extraordinary depth.
  • They will first create the UNS Energy Pool. The goal is to bring users and providers of electricity together so that they may exchange electricity through the Pool. Anyone who successfully registers may join the Pool. One would need to acquire UNS, though, in order to really sell power. As a software and energy license to use the Energy Pool, UNS will be distributed at the UNS token sale.
  • With its vast network, UNS is actively seeking for these Experts and Specialists. Once identified, they would be given the necessary freedom and the proper systems to creatively manufacture or supply the aforementioned medications so that they are accessible to the general public at a lower or more reasonable cost.
  • The main goal of UNS is to make P2P Trading and Spot Trading Platform available to users all over the world. By concentrating on the currencies of the Top 15 nations, they will bring P2P to more developing and underdeveloped nations and give them the straightforward fiat on-ramp they deserve.


  • ICO price of the token: 0.03 USD
  • Maximum Supply: 1 Billion
  • Listing of UNS Tokens in Pancake Swap and UniSwap – Q1 2023

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