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Trichome Sets New Standards for Urban Farming with Fluence’s LED

Trichome Sets New Standards for Urban Farming with Fluence's LED

Fluence, a global leader in energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, has successfully supported the Israeli medicinal cannabis facility, Trichome, in establishing the efficacy of two-tiered vertical farming in urban centers. 

Trichome has successfully launched an urban vertical growing facility in Qiryat Gat, Israel, thanks to its collaboration with Fluence and local service capabilities through its Israeli distribution partner, REMY—the collaboration aimed at maximizing space and optimizing quality and automation in every step of the process. 

Understanding the complexities associated with tiered growing and the compact, intricate indoor environment, Trichome sought Fluence’s market-leading LED lighting solutions. The Fluence experts helped plan, install, and manage integrated lighting technology for horticulture.

Fluence’s lighting was installed throughout Trichome’s fully standardized medicinal cannabis facility. To overcome the obstacles posed by the limited space between crops and artificial lights in vertical farms, Fluence created a customized system that utilizes their SPYDR 2i, SPYDR 2x, and RAZR Modular series. The design was created closely with REMY and the Trichome team to accommodate the facility’s constraints. 

The result was a breakthrough in urban farming as Trichome completed 17 crop-growing cycles with greater-than-expected results using the company’s lighting. The results included above-average yields, higher terpene levels, and high cannabinoid content. 

Steve Abboud, the head grower at Trichome, expressed his excitement over the positive impact of Fluence LED lighting on their plants. He further asserted that Trichome had set a new standard for urban farming thanks to the company’s innovative technology.

Fluence’s LED lighting solutions have demonstrated the potential to revolutionize urban farming and are available for purchase by licensed cultivators in territories where the cultivation of cannabis is legal.

Image provided by Fluence Bioengineering

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