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URB Unveils THE LOOP, Dubai’s Latest Mega-Project

Dubai has always been known for its ambitious and forward-thinking approach to urban development. The latest example is THE LOOP, a 93 km sustainable urban highway designed to be the world’s smartest cycling and running infrastructure. This project is a significant shift in thinking about urban mobility in Dubai and aims to address the challenges of rapid urban expansion and climate change by promoting walkability and cycling.

According to CEO Baharash Bagherian, THE LOOP project represents a unique opportunity to foster entrepreneurship in urban mobility in Dubai. To become the most connected city on earth by foot or bike, THE LOOP embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Dubai. The aim is to encourage more than 80% of people to use a bike as their daily mode of transport, a shift from the current car-centric infrastructure. Bagherian emphasizes the need for an entrepreneurial mindset to reconnect communities disconnected by the existing road infrastructure and make cycling or walking the primary mode of transport all year round in any part of the city.

THE LOOP aims to connect more than 3 million residents and provide a climate-controlled environment for walking and cycling, encouraging it as the primary mode of transport. This aligns with Dubai’s 20-minute city initiative, where residents can access daily needs and destinations within 20 minutes by foot or bicycle. URB, a global leader in sustainable city development, masterminds the project. It is an embodiment of Dubai’s entrepreneurial spirit in urban mobility.

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Baharash Bagherian continues, “Our goal is to reimagine the future mobility infrastructure in Dubai as more than just sustainable transportation systems. We see these infrastructures as spaces and utilities for people that can offer various leisure and community services. We aim to create a mode of sustainable transportation that is not only environmentally friendly but also enjoyable and accessible, regardless of weather conditions.”

THE LOOP will provide a new benchmark for the world’s smartest cycling and walking infrastructure. It will be the first of its kind with various amenities and sustainability features, providing residents with a better social infrastructure and facilities. The aim is to reduce car dependency and make walking, running, and cycling one of the primary modes of transport. The goal is for more than 80% of Dubai’s residents to use cycling and walking as their daily mode of transport by 2040.

Image provided by URB

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