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Vertical Future Announces Singapore Expansion

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In order to collaborate on the Singapore Advanced Vertical Farming (SAVE) project, Vertical Future has partnered with Vertical Farm Systems (VFS), a brand-new business. SAVE Farming seeks to significantly enhance the energy efficiency of vertical farms, particularly in arid regions like Singapore. Innovate UK and Enterprise Singapore both provided funding for the project in an effort to strengthen bilateral research and development (R&D) cooperation. The initiative will be essential to accelerating the adoption of vertical farming techniques in Asia and advancing sustainable food production around the world. It aspires to replace the presently imported product with locally and freshly cultivated crops for consumers, grown in a way that is both energy and water efficient.

Vertical Future has entered into a collaboration with Vertical Farm Systems (VFS) the company announced, a new company established to work on the Singapore Advanced Vertical Farming (SAVE) project. The project was funded by both Innovate UK and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to broaden research and development (R&D) ties between the two nations. Two farms in two distinct climates will test and implement the new, fully integrated system. One is at Vertical Future’s R&D facility in London, while the other is at HSL’s “AgriHub” in Singapore, where the two parties have already agreed to construct a farm that will be used for commercial production. The UK team will concentrate on nutrient consumption and absorption throughout the early stages of system development before integrating with Vertical Future’s current systems, at which point parallel experiments will continue with the Singapore team.

“We are incredibly thrilled to be cooperating with HSL, through VFS, to strengthen components of our system offering, as well as tackling particular concerns in Singapore and the larger ASEAN area,” stated Jamie Burrows, CEO, and founder of Vertical Future commenting on the announcement. “This partnership aims to promote the implementation of more integrated systems throughout the ASEAN region, particularly bigger farms in Singapore. If Singapore wants to achieve its “30 by 30″ aim, this will be essential. The backing of ESG and Innovate UK is a tremendous endorsement of Vertical Future’s patented technology and its future development. In order to progress the global vertical farming business and cooperate with the larger CEA industry, Vertical Future is looking forward to collaborating with VFS and strengthening our connection.”

The crops in scope for the project will be ‘full sized’ Spinach, Pak Choi, Bayum, Basil, Coriander, and Shiso, representing crop types popular in Singapore. The non-indigenous varieties, such as Basil, are currently imported from Europe, and the others are imported from surrounding countries such as Vietnam. The project will be key to hastening the deployment of vertical farming systems in Asia and help to drive sustainable food production globally.

Charles Quek, CEO of HSL and VFS, said: “The SAVE farming project between Vertical Future and VFS is a big step in Singapore’s agricultural history. To replace produce that is currently imported with freshly and locally-grown crops for buyers, grown in an energy and water-efficient system, will help move us towards a more sustainable future. We look forward to continuing our journey with Vertical Future and commencing the building of our collaborative commercially producing farm to further improve local food security.”

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