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Ÿnsect Plans Insect Farm Projects in The United States

Ÿnsect Expands in the US

Ÿnsect, the world leader in insect production, announced its intent to expand insect production sites within the United States. The company has adopted a circular economy model for its new vertical farms to create value chains that are fully compliant with the Paris COP21 agreements. With this in mind, the production of sustainable alternatives to animal protein is needed now more than ever. “Insect protein is more sustainable and will open a new mode of food development that is efficient, nutritious, and capable of positively impacting the food chain at multiple points”, says CEO Antoine Hubert.

Ÿsnect is strategically expanding its business across all continents to establish local relations with wheat chains and limit CO2 emissions, water consumption, and biodiversity impact across farming activities. The company has adopted a circular economy model for its new vertical farms to create value chains that are fully compliant with the Paris COP21 agreements. With three production sites including the world’s largest vertical insect farm, Ÿnsect transforms Buffalo and Molitor mealworms into premium, high-value, sustainable ingredients to feed animals, plants, and humans. Since entering the US market in November 2021 following the Jord Producers acquisition, Ynsect has filed market approval for its flagship protein concentrate for the pet food market to the AAFCO.

Chief Growth Officer at Ardent Mills, Angie Goldberg: “We see numerous synergies with Ÿnsect as we both work to change the way the world is fed. With Ÿnsect, a business that has specialized in producing insect-based ingredients, we are eager to explore possible options for sustainable food and ingredients.

Antoine Hubert, CEO, and co-founder of Ÿnsect, says: “Ynsect aims to help contribute to reinventing the global food system, while also focusing on sustainability. We are excited to examine potential opportunities with the North American leader in flour milling. This exploration marks the start of potential collaborations between two key players within the global food industry.”

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