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Yorkshire To See New Vertical Farming Facility

Yorkshire To See New Vertical Farming Facility

As reported by Insider media limited’s Stephen Farrell, a vertical farming facility planned for East Yorkshire has been granted planning permission by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Key Growing Ltd, supported by Geoffrey Prince Associates, submitted the application for the extension of Woodmansey Business Park last year. The proposed development includes a vertical farm complex (VFC) to grow micro salads, herbs, soft fruits, bulbs, and flowers, as well as free-standing office buildings and starter units, all served by the existing on-site anaerobic digestion plant.

The article mentions that the VFC would have a footprint of 84,000 sq ft and a total gross international area of 97,400 sq ft. Four two-story office buildings would provide a total of 41,500 sq ft, and eight single-story starter units measuring a total of 31,000 sq ft would be created. The plans also include an energy management and distribution building, a water attenuation pond incorporating a wildlife and nature park, an internal circulation road, car and lorry parking, and landscaping.

A couple of days ago, Vertically Urban, an expert in horticultural lighting, and LettUs Grow, a leader in aeroponic farming innovation, are joining forces to boost the research capabilities of the award-winning vertical farm, “Grow it York”. This facility, which is located within one of LettUs Grow’s container farms, is part of a research program named “FixOurFood” led by Professor Katherine Denby from the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products at the University of York. The goal of the program is to research and develop vertical farming techniques that can improve food systems and benefit health, the environment, and the economy. The teams from both companies have been working on upgrading the Grow it York farm, which now features tunable spectrum Horti-Blade grow lights and an enhanced version of Ostara farm management software. The collaboration aims to inform the development and deployment of LED lighting in vertical farms to create positive change within food systems.

Photo by James Genchi on Unsplash 

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