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Aeroponic Greenhouse System To Be Installed In France

Aeroponic Greenhouse System To Be Installed In France

CleanGreens Solutions SA and Midiflore have joined forces to bring sustainable herb production to a new greenhouse project. The companies have signed a contract to install a 3,500 square meter aeroponic project using CleanGreens’ GREENOVA system.

The GREENOVA system leverages aeroponics which the company claims to be a more sustainable solution for growing herbs than traditional hydroponics. Aeroponics uses less water and offers a broader range of varieties that can grow while providing consistent quality herbs. Additionally, the aeroponic system allows for multiple harvests, increasing efficiency and profitability for Midiflore.

Midiflore’s owner, Sylvie Recouvrot, is excited about the project as it will allow them to produce their favorite herbs locally year-round. The transition to the greenhouse will also provide a better work environment for the company’s crews.

“We value local production, and we’re excited to be soon able to produce our favorite herbs here all year long,” said Sylvie Recouvrot, owner of Midiflore. “We produce in the fields, so our crews are exposed to the climate conditions and must work in uncomfortable positions. Transitioning to the greenhouse will give them a better work environment.”

CleanGreens’ CEO, Bruno Cheval, sees the project as an opportunity to demonstrate that Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) farming and aeroponic technology, particularly, can still progress, even in adverse market conditions. Furthermore, he believes the project will prove the profitability of local herb production in France. It allows clients to grow herbs at a lower cost than they can import, with significantly better quality.

Their proprietary aeroponic system is designed to be easy to use, with the most complex part of a greenhouse project being irrigation. The system’s irrigation robot brings nutritive mist to the roots at pre-set regular intervals. The roots are naturally oxygenated as they suspend in the air. CleanGreens trains its clients on an existing system before starting their operations and accompanies them on the agronomic side in their greenhouse once installed.

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