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Croptimistic Introduces Tool For Autonomous Plant Stand Counting

Key Takeaways Croptimistic Technology Inc. introduces the SWAT CAM, an innovative automated plant stand counting tool. This technology significantly improves.

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Biotalys Latest News: Strategic Focus & Organizational Changes

Key Takeaways Biotalys shifts focus to second-generation AGROBODY™ technology under new CEO Kevin Helash. The company updates its product pipeline.

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Organifarms Announce Strategic Partnership With EBZ Gruppe

Key Takeaways Strategic Partnership: Organifarms has formed a strategic partnership with EBZ Gruppe, marking a significant collaboration in agricultural technology..

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ASTech Awards 2023: Livestock Gentec Wins

Key Takeaways Livestock Gentec is recognized for its transformative genomic technologies in cattle. Focused on enhancing beef sector competitiveness, profitability,.

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CDFA Announces Funding for Sustainable Pest Management in San Joaquin Valley

Key Takeaways CDFA awards $490,000 to CURES for sustainable pest management using pheromone disruption. The project targets navel orangeworm (NOW).

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