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Innovative AI Project to Revolutionize Canada’s Lentil Agriculture

Key Takeaways: A consortium led by Protein Industries Canada is initiating an AI project for lentil growers. The project focuses.

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PDRL’s Groundbreaking Patents in Agricultural Drone Technology

Key Takeaways: PDRL files five patents for AeroGCS GREEN software. Three patents focus on precision in agriculture drone flight planning..

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AgTech Trends 2023 Survey: AI, Automation & Data Analytics in High Demand

Key Takeaways: AI and Data Analytics Revolution: 90% of respondents believe AI and data analytics will significantly change agriculture jobs.

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10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. II Completes Merger with African Agriculture, Inc., Launches on Nasdaq

Key Takeaways Merger Completion: 10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. II merges with African Agriculture, Inc., transforming into African Agriculture Holdings.

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PlantBaby Marks Significant Growth & Prepares for International Expansion

Key Takeaways: PlantBaby has shown remarkable growth in its third fiscal year. Revenue has doubled annually, reaching $6 million in.

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