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Agmatix Partners With NASA Harvest

Agmatix Imagery Data

Agmatix, a start-up AgTech company specializing in converting big agronomic data into valuable models and insights, has partnered with NASA Harvest – NASA’s Global Food Security and Agriculture Consortium – to help farmers produce crops sustainably and mitigate the impact of climate change. This partnership will combine the expertise of Agmatix and NASA Harvest to analyze satellite imagery and ground measurements using the Agmatix platform to make sustainable on-farm decisions. The data-driven insights generated by this partnership can help farmers transition towards sustainable agriculture practices, which is crucial for mitigating climate change.

The methodology developed by Agmatix and NASA Harvest will track farmer efforts to improve conservation management and provide guidance on improving sustainability levels. In addition, NASA Harvest will leverage its agricultural remote sensing expertise and utilize tools the consortium developed to analyze field data from Agmatix using a proprietary AI algorithm. The data-driven insights generated from this partnership can help farmers make effective field-level decisions such as cover crop selection and fertilizer application, ultimately reducing waste and increasing resilience. The partnership between Agmatix and NASA Harvest is a significant step towards achieving sustainable agriculture practices and addressing the challenges of climate change.

The Importance Of Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery has become essential in modern agriculture, providing valuable data and insights to farmers, researchers, and policymakers. For example, satellite imagery can help detect crop stress, soil moisture levels, and other environmental factors impacting crop growth and health. This data can then inform planting decisions, irrigation schedules, and other critical farm management decisions, ultimately improving crop yields and reducing resource waste. Satellite imagery can also be used to monitor the impact of climate change on agricultural production and guide policymakers in developing effective climate adaptation strategies. As a result, satellite imagery has become a crucial technology for promoting sustainable agriculture practices and addressing the challenges posed by climate change, highlighting the importance of investing in the continued development and implementation of satellite-based technologies in agriculture.

Image: Satellite imagery alongside ground measurements will be analyzed using the Agmatix platform, to inform sustainable on-farm decisions. Image provided by Agmatix

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