AgriFORCE unveils UN(THINK)™ Awakened Flour, A nutritional powerhouse redefining baking for a healthier future.
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AgriFORCE’s UN(THINK) Awakened Flour

AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGRI; AGRIW) has set the stage for a major disruption in the agtech industry with the release of its groundbreaking product, UN(THINK) Awakened Flour. This intellectual property (IP)-focused AgTech company is dedicated to advancing sustainable cultivation and crop processing across multiple platforms, and their latest innovation is making waves for its extraordinary nutritional profile and culinary benefits.

The company recently provided an update on the qualification of UN(THINK) Awakened Flour, revealing that independent lab tests have confirmed its nutritional edge over regular flours. The results are impressive, with UN(THINK) Awakened Flour boasting over five times the fiber, two times the protein, and 77% fewer net carbs than regular all-purpose flour. This revolutionary product uses a 100% natural patented process that captures the goodness of the grain, providing all the nutritional and dietary benefits of germinated wheat, without compromising on flavor, texture, richness, and natural sweetness, making it ideal for breads and pastries.

David Naccarato, Director of IP Development and Inventor of the CERES-MNG Patent, sheds light on the advantages of UN(THINK) Awakened Flour over standard all-purpose flour and other whole-wheat baking flours. Whole-wheat baking flours that use 100% of the wheat kernel are indeed higher in fiber, but this increase can lead to denser and coarser baked goods due to the reduced overall percentage of gluten, which gives structure and texture to baked goods.

Additionally, within the bran of whole wheat, certain natural compounds such as tannins and phytic acid can contribute to the distinct bitter taste of whole wheat bread. While sprouted flours, made from sprouted wheat, offer greater digestive and dietary health benefits, they often lack texture and structure and can taste slightly “grassy” due to the presence of acrospires (sprout tails). Furthermore, there are no standardized guidelines for sprouted wheat, making it challenging to ensure consistency in products.

UN(THINK)™ Awakened Flour is designed to address these challenges effectively. By gently germinating the grains under strictly tested parameters and stopping the sprouting process at an early stage, AgriFORCE brings the grains to an ideal state that optimizes nutrition and functionality while enhancing natural sweetness to improve the taste profile. The patented CERES-MNG process of naturally accelerated modification achieves an unprecedented degree of flavor, quality, and performance not found in other whole kernel or sprouted wheat products.

One of the most significant benefits of UN(THINK) Awakened Flour is that it allows consumers to enjoy the flavor and quality they crave in baked goods while also obtaining the desired nutrition. This product bridges the gap between health consciousness and culinary enjoyment, providing a win-win solution for both consumers and businesses in the food industry.

UN(THINK) Awakened Flour is currently available for B2B customers in Canada and the U.S. AgriFORCE has ambitious plans to expand its sales into the direct-to-consumer market by the end of the year, making this innovative flour accessible to a broader audience.

As AgriFORCE continues to pave the way in agtech, its dedication to sustainable and nutritious food solutions marks them as a global leader in the plant-based food industry. From seed to table, AgriFORCE is committed to creating a positive impact on the world and meeting the ever-growing demand for healthier and more sustainable crops.

Photo by Alan Godfrey on Unsplash

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