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AgroFresh Solutions Partners With Strella To Reduce Food Waste

AgroFresh Solutions (website) has announced a strategic partnership with Strella Biotechnology, a startup specializing in proprietary sensor technology. This collaboration aims to reduce food waste and foster sustainable agriculture.

The companies inked an exclusive global distribution agreement that will take effect immediately, just in time for the apple and pear seasons in the northern hemisphere. This deal will leverage AgroFresh’s extensive customer base, which includes over 3,700 customers worldwide.

Strella’s innovative sensor technology offers an exceptional advantage. Its proprietary sensors collect real-time perishability data on apples and pears while stored. This capability empowers customers to make data-driven inventory decisions, ensuring optimal freshness and safeguarding the value of their stored produce.

This ground-breaking technology is a perfect complement to AgroFresh’s FreshCloud™ platform. This comprehensive digital solution offers end-to-end visibility and product quality monitoring at every value chain stage. This integration allows for more accurate tracking of product freshness, from harvest to retail, enabling more informed decisions that could significantly reduce food waste and increase efficiency.

The agreement with Strella allows AgroFresh to enhance its portfolio of post-harvest products, services, and digital solutions. The company is reputed for its commitment to maintaining the quality and extending the shelf life of fresh produce, and this partnership will add a new dimension to that commitment.

“By integrating Strella’s innovative sensor technology into our FreshCloud platform, we are further advancing our mission to prevent food waste and promote sustainable agriculture,” said Clint Lewis, Chief Executive Officer for AgroFresh. “This partnership reflects our commitment to leading the industry in the development and delivery of solutions that meet the increasingly complex demands of our customers.”


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