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Agrology & Braga Fresh Earn Top Honors

Agrology and Braga Fresh clinch the prestigious Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award at the IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show.
Key Takeaways:
  • Agrology and Braga Fresh jointly receive the annual Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award at the IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show.
  • The award recognizes their joint efforts in monitoring and quantifying soil carbon flux and respiration, which are vital indicators of soil microbiome health.
  • Braga Fresh became the first grower to adopt Agrology’s innovative Arbiter Carbon Monitoring System, a continuous soil carbon monitoring solution.
  • The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in optimized regenerative farming practices and has set a benchmark for sustainability in the industry.
  • Both companies recently hosted a webinar on the Return on Investment (ROI) of regenerative agriculture, available on YouTube.

The IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show in Anaheim saw Agrology and Braga Fresh jointly earning the esteemed Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award. Presented by Max Teplitski, the Chief Science Officer of IFPA, representatives received the award from both companies: Eric Morgan from Braga Fresh and Charlie Dubbe from Agrology.

This annual accolade by IFPA acknowledges those who introduce remarkable innovation and show leadership in the produce and floral sectors. The joint award for Braga Fresh and Agrology comes as recognition for their collaboration in effectively monitoring, measuring, and quantifying soil carbon flux and soil respiration. These are integral factors indicating the health and activity of the soil microbiome.

Eric Morgan, Vice President of Environmental Science and Resources at Braga Fresh, emphasized the importance of Agrology’s systems. He stated, “A significant component of our journey in regenerative agriculture is Agrology’s instruments that gauge and monitor soil health and carbon movement.” He highlighted the Arbiter’s role in enabling Braga Fresh to make data-driven decisions, bridging the gap between farming techniques and soil response.

Braga Fresh, after installing the Arbiter Carbon Monitoring System in Fall 2022, has been meticulously tracking their carbon footprint and soil health. This has guided their farming decisions and enabled them to enhance the environmental impact of their regenerative farming techniques. Agrology has empowered them to constantly gauge the influence of their farming practices on soil health and carbon stock, facilitating real-time decision-making.

Charlie Dubbe, in charge of regenerative partnerships at Agrology, expressed his admiration for Braga Fresh. He emphasized how their partnership exemplifies the triumph of regenerative farming, remarking, “Braga Fresh drives us to delve further into our potential to create technology that is both valuable and proves the efficiency of regenerative farming practices.”

In a recent collaborative effort, Braga Fresh and Agrology presented a webinar titled “The ROI of Regenerative Agriculture.” This online seminar, available on YouTube, highlighted the innovative practices and production methodologies adopted by Braga Fresh in their regenerative trials.

Further adding to its accolades, Agrology was among the twelve startups chosen for IFPA’s 2023 Fresh Field Catalyst Accelerator. This year witnessed startups intent on introducing climate-smart solutions for significant industry challenges, offering ready-to-market solutions for the produce sector.

About Braga Fresh

Founded in 1928 by Sebastian and Josie Braga, Braga Fresh, based in Soledad, CA, has been synonymous with sustainable-organic farming. With a solid commitment to innovation blended with tradition, Braga Fresh has been producing fresh vegetables and leafy greens under the banners of Josie’s Organics and Braga Farms. 

About Agrology

As a pioneering climate tech startup, Agrology has been at the forefront in assisting farmers with real-time analytics and predictive insights to tackle climate change. Agrology’s extensive client list and accolades underline its commitment to innovation and sustainability. 

Image provided by Agrology 

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