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Astanor Ventures Leads’s $23M Funding for Sustainable Greenhouse AI, a technology company that provides AI-powered solutions to greenhouse growers, has closed a $23 million Series A funding round, bringing its total funding to $35 million in less than two years. The funds will be used to introduce two new AI products, Source Cultivate, and Source Control, enabling growers to simulate full crop growth seasons and optimize their operations for safe, reliable, and climate-resilient food production.

According to, its product users have increased tenfold in just 12 months, partnering with the world’s leading growers to increase vegetable yields and combat energy and climate crises. Greenhouse agriculture is seen as a sustainable solution to climate-resilient food production, producing up to 15 times higher products and using up to 20 times less water than traditional farming methods.

Astanor Ventures’ Investment Principal, Arnout Dijkhuizen, expressed excitement over continuing their support for Dijkhuizen praised the team for their mission and accomplishments, particularly their use of AI models to simulate plant biology and optimize photosynthesis, which many thoughts were impossible. He noted that is helping growers worldwide operate their farms more efficiently, making greenhouse farming accessible and scalable while democratizing access to fruits and vegetables.

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Advertisement’s new funding will enable growers to operate optimally, using pioneering AI technology to track and improve cultivations. The company focuses on the most significant global fresh vegetable segments, such as tomatoes and peppers, with the ambition to ultimately help all fruit and vegetable growers. The funding round was led by Astanor Ventures and included investments from Acre Venture Partners and several of the Netherlands’ leading greenhouse operators.

Rien Kamman, CEO and co-founder of, praised the expertise and craftsmanship of the growers they work with, calling them “plant masters” who grow fresh produce in a highly effective way with few resources. However, Kamman emphasized the need to do more to sustainably feed the planet’s growing population and put AI in the hands of growers worldwide.’s technology provides real-time advice on how to optimize crop growth and support successful operations. Kamman expressed pride in the continued support of Astanor Ventures, Acre Ventures Partners, and Dutch growers and announced plans to introduce other groundbreaking products to scale healthy food production sustainably.

Source. ag’s AI platform provides growers with real-time, highly tailored advice on how to grow their crops optimally, making greenhouse farming globally accessible and scalable. By democratizing access to fruit and vegetables, the technology accelerates the global adoption of greenhouse agriculture. With its new products, Source Cultivate and Source Control, in 2023, the company aims to revolutionize the industry further and help greenhouse growers operate more acres in more locations more efficiently.

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