Barchart & Greenstone Systems Announce Partnership

Barchart and Greenstone partnership

In order to expand client options and data accessibility in Greenstone’s producer engagement platform MyGrower, Barchart and Greenstone Systems have announced a new partnership. By providing the pertinent basis, futures, and cash prices, the integration considerably improves the grower’s digital experience. Merchandisers and originators from shared clients will be able to amend their bids in cmdtyView Pro as a result of this integration.

MyGrower, the most popular ERP system in the U.S. grain market that offers real-time account information from AGRIS, enables producers to manage their businesses while on the move using PCs or mobile devices. With the help of this relationship, Barchart’s enterprise agribusiness clients utilizing MyGrower may now offer their producers cash bids and futures pricing as part of their existing Barchart license. Merchandisers and originators from joint customers will be able to amend their bids in cmdtyView and see these broadcast in real-time to their MyGrower users as an extra benefit of this connection.

According to Mike Terning, Head of Product at Greenstone Systems, “Barchart and Greenstone have many shared clients, and we’re happy to enable this connectivity to give more value-driven information for their farmers to use.” By presenting pertinent basis, futures, and cash prices with their other MyGrower information, such as tickets, contracts, settlements, and more, the integration dramatically improves the grower’s digital experience.

According to Barchart CEO Mark Haraburda, “We’re happy to work with Greenstone to bring reliable grain bid and futures information into the grower’s hand via MyGrower.” Whether customers choose to utilize MyGrower or one of our Marketplace Apps, they will have access to vital and current market data that will support important decisions.

The partnership is set to broaden the reach of Barchart’s grain workflows to agribusinesses across the country as per the company’s latest press release.

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