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Bristol-Based LettUs Grow, Get B Corp Certification

LettUs Grow Gets B Corp Certification

LettUs Grow, a UK-based aeroponic technology and farm management software provider for indoor and vertical farms announced today that they join the growing list of indoor, vertical and urban farming companies certified as a B corp.

Certified B corporation designates businesses meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

“I am very proud to say that LettUs Grow is now a Certified B Corporation! It has taken a lot of hard work from our team and a little bit longer to get certified than we initially expected, but there are good reasons behind this. Last year, the B Lab team saw a huge uptick in the number of UK businesses applying for B Corporation (B Corp for short) certification – something to be celebrated in its own right!” Comments Charlie Guy, Co-founder, and CEO of LettUs Grow in their impact report.

LettUs Grow B Corp
LettUs Grow B Corp Results. Credit: LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow, therefore, joins a growing list of indoor, vertical, and urban farming companies such as:

The impact report published by Lettus Grow oultines several achievements from the past year (2021) and also plans for 2022 in terms of expansion/ collaboration, community impact, workers and the environment. During 2021, we can see that the Bristol-based company:

  • Expanded sites in the UK from 2 to 8 as well as inking collaboration with reputed universities and research centers
  • Saved 1517kg CO2 emissions through recycling green waste & prevented 8945kg CO2 emissions through renewable energy use

For 2022, they aims at:

  • Further expanding their presence in the UK through extending their collaboration and partnerships
  • Monitor the carbon emissions of their supply chain

Being a B Corp is Gauge of Sustainability?

This is where the cirticism spikes as there are examples of companies that are proven to contribute and/or not respect the sustainability standards outlined by the B lab, let alone the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Co-founed & CEO of LettUs Grow comments:

“Personally, I am glad to see this debate being aired in the public domain as a way to continue to challenge poor business practices around the world. At LettUs Grow, we believe that no new movement that aims for a better planet should be beyond criticism – that’s how we learn, improve and hold ourselves accountable.”



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